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9-1-1 Addressing

Is YOUR address number posted on your home or business where it can be clearly seen from the street?


All homeowners and businesses are required to have their assigned 9-1-1 address number posted on the structure.

If the location of the structure makes it difficult for the address number to be seen from the street, the number must be displayed on a post placed near the end of your driveway.

Your address number displayed on your mailbox alone DOES NOT SATISFY THE REQUIREMENTS OF THIS LAW.

There are currently over 60,000 addresses assigned throughout Oswego County. The E 9-1-1 Department's Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) clerk is responsible for maintaining our database. Our MSAG clerk assigns all new addresses. It is also the responsibility of our MSAG clerk to forward information pertaining to newly named roads/streets and their address ranges to the various telephone companies that service the Oswego County area.

Any new structures require an assigned address number in order for utilities to be installed. If you need an address number assigned, please call our business office at 349-8215 or 1-800-679-3911 and ask for the MSAG clerk.

This law is intended to enable Emergency Services to locate your address
QUICKLY in an emergency.

To report non-emergency incidents, call 343-1313 or 1-800-962-4433.

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