Oswego County Board of Elections

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Legislative District Maps

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  • District 1: Redfield, Boylston, Sandy Creek

  • District 2: Orwell, Albion, Village of Altmar, Portions of Williamstown and Richland

  • District 3: Village of Pulaski, most of Richland

  • District 4: Parish, Amboy, Village of Parish, Portions of Williamstown and Hastings

  • District 5: Constantia and Village of Cleveland

  • District 6: West Monroe and portion of Hastings

  • District 7: Town and Village of Mexico

  • District 8: Palermo and portions of Hastings and Schroeppel

  • District 9: Central Square and portions of Hastings

  • District 10: Village of Phoenix, portions of Volney, Granby and Schroeppel

  • District 11: Most of Volney

  • District 12: Portions of Schroeppel and Hastings

  • District 13: New Haven and portions of Scriba

  • District 14: Portion of Scriba

  • District 15: Portion of City of Oswego

  • District 16: Portion of City of Oswego

  • District 17: Portion of City of Oswego and Scriba

  • District 18: Portion of City of Oswego

  • District 19: Minetto and portions of towns of Oswego, Hannibal and Granby

  • District 20: Portion of Town of Oswego

  • District 21: Village of Hannibal and most of Town of Hannibal

  • District 22: Portions of Fulton and Granby

  • District 23: Portion of Granby

  • District 24: Portions of Fulton and Granby

  • District 25: Portion of Fulton

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