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Child Support
Customer Service Helpline: 1-888-208-4485

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Every child is entitled to financial and emotional support from both parents.

father and daughter

This is true even if the child's parents do not live together and were never married. If you are the parent of a child, New York State law says you are responsible for the financial support of that child until the child is 21, even if you have never lived with the child or do not live with the child now.

If the child does not live with you, you will have to make child support payments to the other parent or to the person who is taking care of the child. This support should start the day your child is born.

Do you need help collecting child support?

The child support program can help:

  • Find an absent (non-custodial) parent;
  • Establish legal fatherhood for a child;
  • Get a support order from court, including medical support;
  • Collect child support payments from an absent parent; and
  • Enforce court orders when child support is not paid.

Who is eligible for child support services?

Any custodial parent or guardian who needs them.

Child Support Services

Once you apply, the services that are provided by our program may cost you a nominal fee of $25.00/year or may be free depending on your financial circumstances. These services are available whether the absent parent lives in or outside of New York State.

Location of Absent Parents
Computer searches are used to find the absent parent if you do not know where he or she lives or works.

Paternity Establishment
We will help you establish legal fatherhood either by voluntary acknowledgement or through court.

Support Establishment
To get the child support you are legally entitled to, you need a support order from the court. We will help you file a petition to get a support order.

Medical Support Establishment
Your child is legally entitled to health insurance coverage, if it is available to the absent parent. We will help you file a petition with family court to get this coverage.

The absent parent will be ordered to pay child support to the Support Collection Unit (SCU). The SCU will keep track of the payments and promptly send them to you.

We provide automatic enforcement of child support orders. Without going back to court, we can: deduct child support from income; suspend driver's licenses; take tax refunds and lottery winnings; seize bank accounts.

Medical Support Enforcement
If the absent parent was ordered to provide health insurance for the child and has not, we will automatically require the absent parent's employer to deduct any employee-paid health insurance premiums for his or her wages.

What is expected of the custodial parent or guardian?

  • If you are a temporary assistance client, you are required to cooperate with the Child Support Enforcement Unit.
  • If you are not receiving temporary assistance, you need to complete an application to request services. Most of these services are free. You may be asked to pay for a lawyer, if you want one.
  • You will be required to attend any court appearances.

What is expected of the non-custodial parent?

  • Attend all court appearances.
  • Notify the Child Support Enforcement Unit of any change in address, income, employer, name, or medical insurance availability.
  • Make payments according to your court order. Send payments only to:

    Oswego County Support Collections Unit
    PO Box 15363
    Albany NY 12212-5363

    Please write your 9-digit account number on all payments.

  • Send correspondence, including your 9-digit account number to:
    Oswego County Support Collections Unit
    PO Box 436
    Mexico NY 13114

For Custodial & Non-Custodial Parents

  • To access information using the automated Child Support Information Line, dial 1-800-846-1773.
  • This line requires a PIN.
  • To request a PIN, send your name, address, social security number, county name, and csms case number to:

    40 North Pearl St, 13C
    Attn: PIN
    Albany, NY 12243

What is expected of employers who withhold child support payments?

    Send all payments to:

    Oswego County Support Collections Unit
    PO Box 15363
    Albany NY 12212-5363

  • Be sure to include all names, account numbers, corresponding amounts and week ending dates.
  • Remit all child support payments to Albany within 7 days after withholding from respondents's pay.
  • If you have questions regarding an income execution, please call 1-888-208-4485 weekdays between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Contact Information:

    Oswego County Support Collection Unit
    100 Spring St.
    PO Box 436
    Mexico, NY 13114
    1-888-208-4485 phone, 8:30 a.m. - 7 p.m., Monday - Friday
    315-963-5559 fax
    Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday -Friday.

    Oswego County Family Court
    39 Churchill Rd.
    Oswego NY 13126
    315-207-7533 phone
    315-207-4770 fax
    Hours: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday.

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