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Bristol Hill Landfill

Bristol Hill Landfill

A NYSDEC permitted, 90-acre double composite lined landfill is located at Bristol Hill in Volney. It is the only landfill currently operated by Oswego County.

Unburnable waste that is not accepted at the Energy Recovery Facility (ERF), some industrial wastes, and ERF ash, are disposed in the landfill. The landfill is equipped with methane gas vents (white pipes located around the top of the outer slopes), and a leachate collection system. The three leachate collection tanks can be seen on the eastern edge of the landfill. Leachate is liquid that has seeped through the waste within the liner and is collected in a series of pipes which drain into the tanks. The leachate is pumped from the holding tanks into tanker trucks, transported, and treated at sewage treatment plants. The Bristol Hill landfill, at current disposal rates, is expected to accept waste for another 30-40 years.

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