Scrap Metal, Motor Oil & Textiles

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Scrap metal, motor oil and textiles are collected at all Oswego County transfer stations.

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Scrap Metal Can Be Recycled

Recycle your scrap metal at all transfer station locations in Oswego County!

Please see the attendant for directive.

Appliances that contain Freon will be charged a $15 CFC fee.

Used Motor Oil Collection

Used motor oil may be dropped off at all transfer stations. Please see the attendant for directive.


Drop off used clothing and other textiles

Bring clothing, fabrics, blankets, shoes, belts, and textiles to be recycled at the St. Pauly Sheds; located at all Transfer Stations.

Please put in a plastic bag to keep clean and dry.

NO toys or household items.

A photo of a St. Pauly shed
St. Pauly sheds can be found at any Oswego County Transfer Station.