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July 13, 2007

Hundreds of Households Produce Tons of Hazardous Waste

About a month ago, Oswego County held the first household hazardous waste collection in several years. In one day, more than 58 tons of wastes were safely disposed of. That is an incredible amount. While there were some complaints about the long lines and lengthy waits, we also received some very positive feedback about the event.

I'd like to thank people for participating in the event and for their patience as they waited to have their vehicles unloaded. I also want to thank the staff who worked throughout the day at the Bristol Hill Solid Waste facility in Volney. Despite the long waits and long lines, everything that was collected was safely packaged and removed from the site on the same day.

By this time next year, we will be much closer to having a permanent household hazardous waste disposal facility in the county. State Senator James Wright has secured $175,000 in the 2007-2008 state budget to assist with the construction of a facility to handle hazardous household substances for county residents.

Although the collection in June was scheduled to last four hours, collections actually began at 7:30 a.m. and continued until 4 p.m. Everyone who was in line at noon was served.

The great response to our June event shows that Oswego County residents care about their environment and are conscientious about properly disposing of hazardous materials. An average of 177 pounds each were unloaded and sorted from 660 vehicles.

The quantities are very impressive and I'd like to share the final figures from the event. 116,727 pounds of materials were collected, including

  • 5,445 gallons of paints, weighing 43,560 pounds

  • 660 gallons of liquid pesticides weighing 5,280 pounds

  • 1,750 pounds of solid pesticides

  • 445 gallons of household liquids such as acids, caustics and oxidizers

  • 21,720 pounds of household solids such as PCB ballasts, aerosols, resins and adhesives

  • 885 pounds of fluorescent light bulbs

  • 12 pounds of materials that contained mercury

  • 15,860 pounds of automotive batteries, and

  • 24,100 pounds of boxes, bags, cans and other refuse was taken to the landfill.

Since 1990 the county has held several successful events to collect household hazardous wastes. We've safely disposed of tons of extremely toxic materials that can seriously contaminate our environment. I commend everyone who has taken part in these programs.

If you have questions regarding waste disposal in Oswego County, call the Solid Waste Department at 591-9200, or a transfer station and recycling drop-off center: Bristol Hill, phone 591-9211; Hastings, phone 668-8821; Hannibal, phone 564-5623; Oswego, phone 349-3439; or Pulaski, phone 298-6062.

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