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March 31, 2004

Legislature Chairman Johnson Appoints Bryant to Chair Government Committee

Oswego County Legislature Chairman Russ Johnson, District 25 (Fulton) has named Legislator James Bryant, District 5 (Constantia) as the new chairman of the Legislature's General Government Committee.

He replaces Legislator David Waters, District 3 (Richland) as committee chairman.

"Legislator Waters has been removed from the General Government Committee and re-assigned as a member of the Human Resources Committee," said Chairman Johnson.

Chairman Johnson said he made the change because there have been two recent occasions when Legislator Waters "refused to call committee meetings to discuss important issues."

"I believe in an open and public process of discussion and debate. It's important that no one individual legislator, by not calling committee meetings, has the opportunity to shut off the opportunity of all other 24 legislators to debate an issue," said Chairman Johnson. "We must have the opportunity to debate significant and important issues."

He noted that Legislator Bryant "brings many years of legislative experience to the table. Legislator Bryant is a proven professional and he has committed to making sure that meetings will be called when there is a need for issues to be discussed by the General Government Committee," added Chairman Johnson.

The General Government Committee has authority over many administrative and legislative issues of county government, including state and federal legislation, Office of the Chairman, Administrator's Office, County Attorney, Family Court Attorney, assigned counsel program, rules of procedures for legislative committees, and changes in organizational structure of county government.

The change takes effect immediately.

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