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Dec. 15, 2004

County Health Department Staff Donates $850 to Literacy Volunteers

OSWEGO -- Employees of the Oswego County Health Department are helping families in Oswego County improve their reading skills.

The health department's Staff Association at 70 Bunner St. sponsored a fundraising project this fall that raised over $850 for Literacy Volunteers of Oswego County, Inc.

"Over 50 people, including the children of some of our staff members, helped out in the project," said Stephanie Carmody, senior computer specialist for the health department and president of the staff association. "They created and donated six gift baskets that were raffled off. All of the proceeds from the six drawings were donated to the Literacy Volunteers of Oswego County."

The staff of the environmental health division sold the most tickets and chose to donate the proceeds to Literacy Volunteers.

Kathleen Smith, Oswego County Health Commissioner, congratulated the staff for their generosity.

"The health department is fortunate to have a dedicated group of caring and compassionate people. They demonstrate these qualities every day in their jobs in the health care field, and through their generosity by helping people in the community such as the Literacy Volunteers," she said.

Literacy Volunteers of Oswego County, Inc. provides free confidential tutoring for adults in basic literacy and English as a second language. Family literacy workshops and computer labs are also available through the agency.

"The program operates by matching tutors with students, for one-on-one teaching, and it provides resource materials for both groups," explained Michael J. Stanley, president of the Literacy Volunteers board of directors.

Offices are located at 100 E. First St. in Oswego and Park Street, Pulaski. The program is funded by grants from the state Education Department, supplemented by fundraising.

"We are currently serving a record number of students, which requires more resource material, more training workshops, and a corresponding need for more funds," said Stanley.

He said the money raised by the health department staff "will be put to good use in our continuing efforts to reach and educate the adult residents of our communities who presently struggle with some of the basic skills that so many of us are fortunate enough to simply take for granted."

If you or someone you know would like to receive assistance, call the Literacy Volunteers office at 342-8839.

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