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Jan. 12, 2005

Legislature Chairman Announces Oswego County Legislative Committee Assignments

Oswego County Legislature Chairman Russ Johnson, District 25 (Fulton) has announced appointments to the legislature's standing committees for 2005. The legislators at the January organizational meeting voted to reduce the number of standing committees from 12 to 7. "With the reduction in standing committees, each legislator now has a better opportunity to attend more committee meetings per month," said Legislature Chairman Johnson.

The new committees and the county departments that report to them are:

  • Community and Consumer Affairs (County Board of Elections, Central Services, County Clerk, Real Property, Weights and Measures): Paul Santore, District 16 (Oswego City) is chairman and Jack Beckwith, District 21 (Hannibal) is vice chairman. Committee members are Arthur Gearsbeck, District 6 (West Monroe/Hastings); Douglas Malone, District 20 (Oswego Town); Arthur Ospelt, District 12 (Schroeppel/Hastings); Kimberly Seager, District 10 (Phoenix/Volney); Jerry Thomas, District 1 (Sandy Creek/Boylston).

  • Economic Development and Planning (County departments of Promotion and Tourism and Planning and Community Development): Arthur Ospelt, chairman, Francis Hoefer, District 19 (Oswego City/Minetto) is vice chairman. Committee members are Jack Beckwith, Barbara Brown, District 8 (Palermo); Carlton Rusaw, District 11 (Volney); Paul Santore; David Waters, District 3 (Pulaski/Richland).

  • Finance and Personnel (Audit, County Administrator, County Treasurer, Personnel and Purchasing departments): Gregory Osetek, District 15 (Oswego City) is chairman, and vice chairman is Michael Kunzwiler, District 18 (Oswego City). Members are Carl Anson, District 2 (Altmar/Albion/Williamstown); Fred Beardsley, District 9 (Central Square/Hastings); Thomas Bullard, District 14 (Scriba, Oswego City); Kevin Gardner, District 13 (New Haven/Scriba); John Proud, District 7 (Mexico); Jerry Thomas; Philip Vasho, District 22 (Fulton).

  • Health and Human Services (Department of Social Services, Health Department, Office for the Aging, Veterans' Services and Youth Bureau): John Proud, chairman and Barbara Brown, vice chairwoman. Members are: Carl Anson; Leonard Ponzi, District 17 (Oswego City); Kimberly Seager; David Waters.

  • Infrastructure and Facilities (Airport, Building and Grounds, Highway, Solid Waste, Energy Recovery Facility): Barry Leemann, District 4 (Parish/Amboy/Williamstown), chair and Philip Vasho, vice chairman. Members are Fred Beardsley, Clayton Brewer, District 24 (Fulton); Michael French, District 23 (Granby); Francis Hoefer; Leonard Ponzi.

  • Government Operations and Law (Clerk of the Legislature, County Attorney, County Legislature, Office of the Chairman, District Attorney): James Bryant, District 5 (Constantia/Cleveland), chair and Michael French, vice chairman. Members are: Michael Kunzwiler, Barry Leemann, Douglas Malone, Gregory Osetek and John Proud.

  • Public Safety and Emergency Services (E911, Emergency Management, Fire Coordinator, Probation and Sheriff) Thomas Bullard, chairman and Kevin Gardner, vice chairman. Members are: Clayton Brewer, James Bryant, Arthur Gearsbeck, Leonard Ponzi and Carlton Rusaw.

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