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Jan. 12, 2005

2005 Emergency Planning Calendar Is Mailed to Residents near Nuclear Plants

The 2005 edition of the "Oswego County Emergency Planning and You" calendar has been mailed to residents living within the Emergency Planning Zone near the nuclear power plants in Scriba, Patricia Egan, director of the Oswego County Emergency Management Office, has announced.

The calendar is a joint effort of Constellation Energy, Entergy Nuclear, the Oswego County Emergency Management Office, the Oswego County Department of Promotion and Tourism, and the New York State Emergency Management Office. It contains guidelines for public response to radiological and other types of emergencies, and replaces the booklet that is mailed annually to people living within the 10-mile radius of Nine Mile Point.

The calendar features scenic photographs of areas throughout Oswego County.

"We believe the calendar is a practical way of sharing emergency planning information with our residents," said Egan. "We hope that people will use it and keep it accessible all year long, so that they can find important emergency information if they ever need to."

The calendar includes a schedule for quarterly tests of the sirens and tone-alert weather radios that are part of Oswego County's prompt notification system. If a radiological emergency occurs, people should turn to an Oswego County Emergency Alert System (EAS) radio or television station for information.

The calendar includes the following information:

  • Maps of the emergency response planning areas;
  • Examples of protective actions that people could be asked to take during a radiological emergency;
  • A list of EAS stations;
  • The special assistance 1-800 telephone number;
  • Directions to the reception center at the New York State Fairgrounds;
  • Maps of evacuation routes and bus pick-up points; and
  • An explanation of actions for children in school and people in special facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes.

People in the 10-mile emergency planning zone who might need special assistance are asked to fill out and return the detachable, postage-paid postcard included with the calendar. People who have special needs should register with the Oswego County Emergency Management Office so that appropriate arrangements can be made in advance and information can be kept current. Anyone who knows someone who may need special assistance during an emergency may return a postcard on his or her behalf.

If you live within the 10-mile Emergency Planning Zone and have not received a 2005 calendar by Jan. 28, please call the Oswego County Emergency Management Office at 591-9150 or 1-800-962-2792.

Egan reminds people who receive the calendars that they are eligible for one free potassium iodide (KI) tablet for each member of their family. KI helps to protect the thyroid by blocking the intake of radioactive iodine. Egan said that KI does not offer overall protection from radiation, and that evacuation would still be the primary protective action for residents during an emergency at Nine Mile Point that involves a release of radioactive materials.

Residents of the 10-mile EPZ may pick up KI at the County Health Department, 70 Bunner St., Oswego, and the County Emergency Management Office, 200 N. Second St., Fulton.

More information about emergency planning and KI is available by calling the Emergency Management Office at 591-9150 or 1-800-962-2792.

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