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April 29, 2005


The system of emergency notification sirens surrounding the three nuclear power plants in Scriba will be tested during the week of May 9 through 13 between the hours of 4 and 8 p.m.

Patricia Egan, director of the Oswego County Emergency Management Office, said the test is a portion of the regular testing program, which includes quarterly, individual activation of all sirens, and full-scale simultaneous activation at least once a year.

"A system of sirens and tone-alert weather radios is in place in the 10-mile emergency planning zone surrounding the nuclear power plants at Nine Mile Point," said Egan. "The system is designed to alert residents in the event of an emergency. Tone-alert weather radios are provided to residences in the 10-mile zone that are out of hearing range of the sirens."

Egan said that batteries for these radios were recently mailed. A listing of residences eligible for tone-alert weather radios is on file at the Emergency Management Office.

During an emergency, the sirens would be sounded for three minutes to alert people to turn their AM/FM radios or televisions to local Emergency Alert System (EAS) stations for further information and instructions.

No response on the part of the public will be required during these tests.

During siren testing, multiple, repeated siren activations within a few minutes mean that people should turn their AM/FM radios or televisions to an EAS station for information.

EAS stations are listed in the "2005 Public Emergency Response Information" calendar and in the yellow pages of local telephone books. The calendars were mailed in January to residents of the 10-mile Emergency Planning Zone and are also available from the Emergency Management Office. The calendars feature photographs of Oswego County, compiled by the County's Promotion and Tourism Department, and include information that may be of interest to any county resident.

The calendars are available for pick-up at the Oswego County Emergency Management Office, in the basement of the Oswego County Branch Office Building, 200 N. Second Street, Fulton, across from Mimi's Restaurant.

The calendar is also available on line at www.oswegocounty.com under the Emergency Management Office.

Anyone who has questions concerning the upcoming siren tests or any aspect of emergency planning may contact the Oswego County Emergency Management Office at 591-9150 or 1-800-962-2792.

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