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June 17, 2005

Enjoy Kayaking, Canoeing, and Rafting in Oswego County

Oswego County has over 100 ponds, lakes, rivers and streams to explore by canoe and kayak as well as rafting adventures for beginners and experienced water enthusiasts.

"Some of the most popular spots to canoe and kayak are the Salmon, Little Salmon, and Oswego rivers, the Salmon River reservoirs, Oneida Lake, and Lake Neahtahwanta," said Christine Gray, director of the Oswego County Department of Promotion and Tourism.

The Salmon River is a controlled-release river that offers Class II and Class III whitewater. Conditions are dependent upon water releases from the Lighthouse Hill Hydropower Facility. Whitewater releases are scheduled for June 25 and 26, July 9 and 10, July 23 and 24, Aug. 6 and 7, and Sept. 3 and 4.

"The Salmon River provides some of the clearest water in the Northeast with Class II and Class III rapids," said Nancy Farrell, president of the Pulaski Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce.

For daily reports on the Salmon River at the Lighthouse Hill Dam in Altmar, call 1-800-452-1742, Code 365123 (touch-tone required) or visit www.h2oline.com.

Adventure Calls Outfitters will offer rafting trips on the Salmon River from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. July 9 and 10, July 23 and 24, and Aug. 6 and 7. The trips are suitable for families and novice paddlers. Groups will meet at Stoney's Pineville Campground on state Route 13 near Pulaski. Rafters will have the opportunity to practice paddling skills and enjoy the scenery during the first hour of the trip. After passing the Oswego County transfer station, the ride gets more exciting with Class II and III rapids. As they enter the village of Pulaski, rafters will encounter rapids like "Firemen's Field," "Washing Machine," and "Titanic," and cool off body surfing at the "Black Hole." Reservations are required. Registration is $40 per person. For more information call 888-270-2410 or go to www.adventure-calls.com.

The U.S. Canoe and Kayak Team will host the 3.5-mile Salmon River Downriver Race at 4 p.m. Saturday, July 9. The race starts at the County Route 2A Bridge and ends at the Black Hole. Admission is $10 per paddler. Spectators are free. For more information call 387-5048.

"You don't have to wait for a whitewater release to canoe the Salmon River. You can canoe almost all year-round," said Penny Kimball, administrator of the Pulaski Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce. "As far as canoeing is concerned, the Salmon River is virtually an untapped treasure."

For more information contact the Pulaski Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce at 298-2213 or go to www.pulaskinychamber.com. For a "Guide to Canoeing and Kayaking in Oswego County," call the Department of Promotion and Tourism at (315) 349-8322 or E-mail: tourism@oswegocounty.com

Tips for a safe tripů

  • New York State law requires that all boaters have access to a personal flotation device which should be worn at all times.
  • Remember that all water is dangerous. Exposure to cold water may be life-threatening. Standing up in a canoe is not advisable.
  • Do not approach dam areas too closely on either the upstream or downstream sides. You could be pulled into the sluiceway or otherwise lose control of your canoe or kayak if the gates were opened unexpectedly.
  • Do not use intoxicants while boating.
  • Respect the rights of property owners and obtain permission before crossing private lands.
  • Remember that once you reach your destination, you may have to paddle your way back just as far in the opposite direction, perhaps against the wind or heavy current. Plan ahead!
  • Know your limits and your ability. Use good judgment at all times.

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