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Oct. 28, 2005

Sample Election Ballots are Posted on Oswego County Web Site

OSWEGO -- Candidates, voters and political junkies can get a glimpse of sample ballots for the Nov. 8 General Election in Oswego County by clicking on the county government Web site at www.oswegocounty.com.

A link on the Web site home page takes viewers to the Board of Election page, where they can scroll through a list of the 61 sample ballots for election districts across the county.

The ballots are listed alphabetically by towns, city wards, and legislative districts. Depending on the district boundaries, some towns and wards are contained on a single ballot, while others list separate districts within town or city boundaries. The ballots may be printed on 8 - by 11-inch paper.

Election Commissioners Donald Wart and William Scriber said that people can also check the Web site to find out if they're registered to vote and get directions to their polling place.

The program uses the person's first and last name and birth date to determine if the user is a registered voter. If the voter is registered, the address of their polling place is displayed. The site is linked to Mapquest for a map and optional driving directions.

The services are important, said County Legislator Paul Santore, District 16, Oswego, because they save time for voters and allow the board of elections staff to work more efficiently handling telephone calls from people who need follow-up assistance.

"Each year before Election Day, the board staff receives a large volume of phone calls from candidates who want to see a sample ballot and from citizens who want to know where to vote," said Legislator Santore, chairman of the Legislature's Community and Consumer Affairs Committee. "By visiting the county Web site, people can access this information at their own convenience."

In addition to Legislator Santore, the committee includes vice chairman Jack Beckwith, District 21, Hannibal; Arthur Gearsbeck, District 6, West Monroe and Hastings; Douglas Malone, District 20, Oswego Town; Arthur Ospelt, District 12, Schroeppel and Hastings; Kim Seager, District 10, Phoenix, Schroeppel, Volney; and Jerry Thomas, District 1, Sandy Creek, Boylston and Redfield.

For more information, call Elections Commissioner Scriber at 349-8350 or Commissioner Wart at 349-8351.

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