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Dec. 9, 2005

Advisory Group Includes High School Students Across the County

The Oswego County Youth Advisory Council offers a unique opportunity for area high school students to work together on developing programs that benefit youth throughout the area. The organization is open to any high school student in Oswego County, including home-schooled students.

Members meet once a month at the First United Methodist Church in Mexico to discuss issues that affect teens. They raise money for charitable organizations, sponsor speakers for young audiences, and make recommendations to the Oswego City-County Youth Bureau on funding for youth programs.

Members include:

  • Altmar-Parish-Williamstown: Amanda Burch, Shelby Cusson, Becky Allis, Lindsay Schad;
  • Fulton: Melissa Aubin, Sara Teetsel, Andrew Aubin, and Monica Thorpe;
  • Hannibal: Stephanie Hinz, Katie Ware, Brittanie Earle, Katie Melfi; and Caitlin Preston-Fulton;
  • Phoenix: Chris Reynolds, Heather Blodgett, Alan Rudy, Nate Hall, Patrick Longo, Danny Dunn, Paul Raymond, Joshua Carter, and Shane Gabriele;
  • Central Square: Erin Nash, Sarah Squires, Chelsea Meredith, and Jake Wolf; and
  • Sandy Creek: Erin Clark, Morgan McKenzie, Ryan Houghton, Kait Moody, and Elizabeth Lawrence.

Brian Chetney, youth services specialist for the youth bureau, is advisor to the Youth Advisory Council.

"The students are a real asset to our community," said Chetney. "They promote youth involvement throughout Oswego County, and keep themselves active in a variety of community service projects and events."

Students who are interested in the youth advisory council may contact Chetney at the youth bureau, phone 349-3451 or 1-800-596-3200, ext. 3451, or e-mail .

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