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April 10, 2006

Fulton Homeowners Will Receive Survey for Community’s Comprehensive Plan

FULTON – City residents will have an opportunity to provide their ideas for the future of their community when they complete an opinion survey developed by the city’s Comprehensive Planning Committee.

The committee is revising Fulton’s strategic comprehensive plan with assistance from the Oswego County Department of Community Development, Tourism and Planning.

“An important component of this process is a community survey that asks residents their opinions about businesses, services and recreational resources,” said Karen Noyes, senior planner for Oswego County. “The survey covers a broad range of issues. We’re asking residents to give us input on what they see as their community’s strengths, as well as the services or areas they would like to see improved.”

Residents will have several opportunities to participate in the process. All owners of single-family homes will receive a copy of the survey in the mail around the middle of April. Surveys will also be distributed to senior citizen and public housing facilities and veterans groups, and civic groups around the city.

The in-depth survey covers a broad range of topics. People will be asked to rate existing services in education, small business, handicapped accessibility, local government, recreation, and parks and open spaces, and suggest areas that they would like the community to focus on for future development.

The Comprehensive Planning Committee includes Mayor Daryl Hayden, Common Council members Thomas Kenyon, James Rice, Robert Weston, Kenneth Myers, Theresa Chalone and Russell Hayden; private citizens from each ward, Rene Ormsby, Theresa Munger, Hugh MacKenzie, Elaine Smith, Dave Miner and Larry Macner; Executive Assistant to the Mayor Ronald Woodward; Zoning Inspector Steve Lunn, and Noyes.

“We’re developing a blueprint for the next 20 years,” said Woodward. “Our goal is to try to get a good response from each section of the city.”

Woodward asked people to take their time when completing the survey.

“We’re trying to get as much involvement as we can throughout the city,” he added. “We’re looking for input from young people, seniors, and everyone in between.” Anyone who would like more information about the survey may contact his or her Common Council representative or Woodward’s office at 592-3414.

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