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June 2, 2006

John Main Retires from County Public Works Department

Group photo of John Main and Legislators

John W. Main, a medium equipment operator for the Oswego County Department of Public Works, recently retired after 28 years of employment with Oswego County. The Infrastructure and Facilities Committee presented him a certificate of appreciation at the May meeting of the County Legislature. From left are legislators Milferd Potter, District 2; committee vice chairman Philip Vasho, District 22; Clayton Brewer, District 24; Arthur Ospelt, District 6; Michael French, District 23; Arthur Gearsbeck, District 6; Thadius Main II, student guest, District 6; committee chairman Barry Leemann, District 4; Main; Public Works Superintendent Donald Morey; Leonard Ponzi, District 17; Fred Beardsley, District 9; Kevin Gardner, District 13; and Paul Natoli, District 11.

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