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Oct. 13, 2006

Oswego County Child Support Unit Will Become Part of Statewide Helpline in November

MEXICO - The Child Support Unit of the Oswego County Department of Social Services will become part of a statewide Child Support Customer Service Helpline in November.

“Effective Nov.1, all telephone calls regarding local child support cases, as well as general child support inquiries, will be directed to the Child Support Helpline,” said Frances Lanigan, Oswego County Commissioner of Social Services. “The customer service helpline is a statewide initiative designed to insure prompt response to all child support inquiries, and improve overall effectiveness of local child support services.”

The phone number for the Child Support Helpline is 1-888-208-4485 (TTY 1-866-875-9975). The business hours for the helpline are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

When accessing the helpline, callers will be able to speak directly with a customer service representative by pressing the number 1, after being connected to the automated message representative. The customer service representative will respond to the caller's questions, update case records as appropriate, and send an electronic referral back to the local county office only if local action is required. All calls to the customer service helpline are recorded and all referrals back to the local district are tracked for timely response.

“Our agency is enthusiastic about this change, as it will allow local child support staff to focus their efforts on support establishment and collection,” said Lanigan. “This could translate into substantial increases in child support going to local families.”

Customers may continue to contact the Oswego County Child Support Unit by mail at P.O. Box 436, Mexico, NY 13114, or by . General Child Support information may also be obtained via the internet at www.newyorkchildsupport.com.

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