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Nov. 30, 2006

County DSS Seeks Public's Opinion on Mental Hygiene Services

The Oswego County Department of Social Services is asking citizens to help identify gaps in local mental health services by filling out a short survey. The Mental Hygiene division encourages people who live or work in Oswego County to complete the survey online or to fill out a paper form and return it to the department.

“This particular survey is an opportunity for people to voice their opinions about crisis services in our community. The Mental Hygiene Division of the Department of Social Services is assessing the current needs of county residents for crisis services related to mental health, housing, alcohol or substance abuse issues,” said Nicole Kolmsee, Director of Community Services for the Oswego County DSS Mental Hygiene Division. “We encourage everyone to participate, whether they have received crisis services, know of someone who has, or as interested members of our community.”

The purpose of the survey is to identify needed services or improvements to current services. No personally identifiable information will be collected.

Kolmsee said that future surveys will seek community input regarding additional service system components.

“Supportive services can often help prevent a crisis from occurring,” said Commissioner of Social Services Frances Lanigan. “For the purpose of the survey, crisis is defined as an unexpected occurrence or incident related to emotional or psychiatric distress, problematic use or abuse of alcohol or drugs, homelessness, and behaviors that put themselves or others at risk of injury. We ask people to list any services intended to manage or prevent crisis episodes that they would find helpful in Oswego County.”

Responses will be collected until Dec. 31.

Online users can access the survey at www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=435512568688.

To receive a paper copy of the survey, contact Kolmsee at 963-5361.

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