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Jan. 26, 2007

Oswego County Announces Walk-In Flu Clinics

Beginning Monday, Jan. 29, the Oswego County Health Department will provide walk-in flu clinics, with no appointment needed, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday at the Nick Sterio Public Health Clinic, 70 Bunner St., Oswego.

The flu season hasn't peaked yet in Central New York, and there is still a health benefit to those who receive a flu shot. People develop immunity to influenza about two weeks after they receive a vaccine, and they remain immune for seven to nine months.

“The flu season is running later than usual this year, and there is still time for the vaccine to be effective,” said Kathleen Smith, Public Health Director. “We encourage anyone who hasn't received a flu shot to stop by our clinic on Bunner Street and get a shot.”

The vaccine is recommended for people who are at high risk for health complications, people age 50 and over, children, and anyone who wants to reduce their chance of becoming sick from influenza.

People who are homebound can arrange for a flu shot by calling the Oswego County Health Department weekdays at 349-3547 or 1-800-596-3200, ext. 3547.

There is a $30 charge for an adult's flu shot and a $15 charge for a child's flu shot.

To help prevent the spread of flu, Smith advises people to:

  • Wash your hands often;

  • Cover your mouth and nose with tissues when you sneeze and cough;

  • Stay away from crowds when you are sick and when there is flu in the community; and

  • Keep sick children home from school.

  • Adults should not go to work when they are sick, and people should not visit hospitals and nursing homes if they have flu and cold symptoms.

For information, call the Oswego County Health Department at 349-3547 or 1-800-596-3200, ext. 3547.

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