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May 25, 2007

Tourists Make Multi-Million Dollar Impact in Oswego County

Tourists generated more than $123 million in economic impact in Oswego County last year, according to a study recently released by the Northern New York Travel and Tourism Research Center in St. Lawrence County.

The study was conducted for a consortium of the 10 northern New York counties that comprise the Thousand Islands-Seaway Region and the Adirondacks Region. The research was done by Davidson-Peterson Associates of Kennebunk, ME.

“Visitor expenditures have a significant impact on Oswego County's economy,” said Legislator Daniel Chalifoux, District 19, chairman of the Legislature's Economic Development and Planning Committee. “The study found that 2,600 jobs are supported by the tourism industry. Visitors generated more than $14 million in revenues to local governments, through local sales taxes, occupancy tax, license fees, and property taxes.”

The study identified several interesting characteristics of Oswego County's diverse tourism industry:

  • Total visitor expenditures were more than $123 million in 2006.

  • In 2006, Oswego County had an estimated 494,085 overnight visitors. Forty-four percent stayed with friends and relatives, 30 percent stayed at campgrounds, 22
  • percent stayed at hotels, motels and resorts, and 4 percent stayed in cabins and cottages.

  • Oswego County visitors spent the most money on recreation -- $35.4 million. They spent $30 million on food and $14 million on lodging.

  • An estimated 2,600 jobs are supported by direct and indirect tourist expenditures.

  • Wages and salaries earned by residents, combined with income earned by business owners due to tourist expenditures, totaled more than $44 million last year.

The data was compiled from several different sources. Consultants conducted 1,183 surveys of lodging properties, 413 random telephone interviews of Oswego County households, and 873 on-site interviews of visitors to calculate tourist expenditures in Oswego County.

“Oswego County's tourism industry is very diverse. We have world-class fishing, thousands of campsites, beautiful parks, great festivals, and a fascinating history. Local businesses, along with the many attractions that visitors enjoy, are vital to Oswego County's economy. This study provides important demographic information and comparison data on several aspects of the region's tourism industry,” said Legislator Chalifoux.

The County Legislature's Economic Development and Planning Committee oversees the Department of Community Development, Tourism and Planning. In addition to Legislator Chalifoux, members include vice chairman John Proud, District 7; Fred Beardsley, District 9; Jack Beckwith, District 21; Clayton Brewer, District 24; Paul Natoli, District 11; and Phillip Vasho, District 22.

The study was funded by the participating counties and a grant from Empire State Development.

The data is available online at www.nnytourismresearch.org and through the County Department of Community Development, Tourism and Planning, phone 349-8322 or 1-800-596-3200, ext. 8322.

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