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September 21, 2007

Oswego County Requests Ballots be Impounded in Three Races

Problems with primary ballots prompted Oswego County Election Commissioners to seek permission to impound ballots for three local races Tuesday evening.

State Supreme Court Judge James McCarthy granted the request by Election Commissioners Donald Wart and William Scriber to seal voting machines and impound paper ballots until additional information could be obtained because errors in the way machines were set up may have prevented voters from voting their choices in the following races: District 8, County Republican Committee primary, Hastings; District 1, County Republican Committee primary, Parish; and Districts 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 in the Conservative primary for the Town Supervisor seat in Granby.

The problems were investigated as soon as they were reported, and in all cases were corrected within three hours after the polls were opened.

“Problems were discovered in how the voting machines were set up in three primary elections,” the election commissioners said Tuesday night. “Election custodians were sent to the polling places to check on machines and the errors were corrected in all cases before 3 p.m. However, in the interim period, people may have been denied their right to vote their choice. By asking for permission to impound the ballots, the Board of Elections is protecting its ability to make corrective action.”

In the application to impound the ballots, the Election Commissioners stated, “The Board of Elections want the public to have confidence in the conduct of the elective franchise, has limited abilities to remedy these types of problems which are neither the fault of the involved candidates nor the involved voters and is, therefore, seeking the assistance of the Court as a result to impound and seal these races until further information may be obtained...”

The election commissioners stated that to tally the votes on Tuesday night would be misleading to the candidates, voters and the public, and asked permission to submit additional information later in the week.

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