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October 2, 2007

Recanvassing Reveals Error in Granby Election Results

An error in the way voting machines were set up in two election districts in Granby has changed the outcome of the Conservative primary for Town Supervisor. The error was discovered during recanvassing. Final election results show that Edward Williamson received ten votes and incumbent Kathy Duncan received two votes on the Conservative line.

In an already confusing race, an error was made when an inserted strip of paper on the face of the voting machines in two districts listed the candidates in the wrong order. As a result, votes were attributed to the wrong candidate.

County Election Commissioners Donald Wart and William Scriber had asked the court to intervene on Primary Day, Sept. 18, when they realized there were errors in three primary races.

“We took a proactive approach as soon as we realized there were potential problems,” said Wart and Scriber. “We asked for the court order to impound paper ballots and seal the voting machines on Primary Day because we knew there were problems in some of the districts.

“The error was discovered in our normal procedures during our recanvassing of machines and paper. The process worked as it should. During the recanvass process, the machines' backs, paper ballots and all paperwork are re-checked. That is why the final results are not officially certified until everything has been double-checked.”

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