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Feb. 15, 2007


Fulton - Weather forecasts for Oswego County show hazardous conditions continuing through Friday, and Oswego County Legislature Chairman Russ Johnson warned county residents to be very cautious.

“A conference call with the National Weather Service indicates that another lake effect situation is poised to dump another couple of feet on the Parish/Mexico region between Thursday afternoon and Friday afternoon,” County Emergency Management Director Patricia Egan said. “Winds tonight will be 15 to 25 mph with gusts to 35 mph, and wind chills could be minus 20 degrees.”

Oswego County’s travel advisory, issued on Feb. 5, is still in effect. “There are no restrictions on travel,” the chairman of the legislature said. “But driving conditions could become very hazardous with the new snow, especially as the height of the current snow banks already reduces visibility. We urge people to be very aware of weather forecasts and driving conditions throughout the next couple of days.”

County, local, and state highway crews will continue to keep the roads cleared as much as possible through the new snowfall.

The county continues to lean on resources made available through Governor Eliot Spitzer’s state disaster declaration last week. The State Department of Transportation’s five snow blowers are currently in Oswego (2), Redfield (1) and Orwell (2). The snow blowers have been operated around the clock since their deployment last Thursday, assisting municipalities in clearing excess snow from roadways. Today’s weather prevented the Department of Corrections convict crews from clearing fire hydrants today, but eight crews from Butler and Midstate correctional facilities will be deployed to the county tomorrow. The Fire Coordinator’s Office is working with local fire departments on priorities and assisting the crews.

The National Guard deployed equipment to the City of Oswego, Village of Mexico, and Town of Orwell today and troops will begin working in those areas tomorrow morning. The County Highway Department, State DOT, and National Guard have worked together to determine what tasks the National Guard will perform in those municipalities.

The County Emergency Operations Center remains staffed 24 hours to assist state resources in completing their missions.

“Our focus has been on infrastructure and public safety since the beginning of the storm,” Legislature Chairman Johnson said. “We want to remind everyone that dangers still exist with the amount of snow on the ground and new snow coming. People should heed the health safety tips provided by County Director of Health Kathleen Smith and Fire Coordinator John Hinds.”

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