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Feb. 15, 2007


Emergency response agencies cautioned motorists in Oswego County tonight that travel conditions remain hazardous and people should continue to use extreme caution.

“At our last briefing, the State Police reported numerous accidents that are not in the snow band,” said County Emergency Management Director Patricia Egan. “The high winds are still blowing snow and creating icy conditions, so even if an area appears clear it may be slippery.”

High snow banks are hampering visibility at intersections, and drivers are cautioned to slow down and make sure they are able to stop.

“We’ve been extremely lucky that we’ve had no fatalities since the lake effect snow band started on Feb. 3,” Egan said. “We want that to continue.”

In additional news from the Emergency Operations Center tonight, the County Fire Coordinator’s Office reported that State Department of Corrections crews will be returning tomorrow for hydrant clearing.

The State Department of Transportation reported it will be providing snow blowers in the county’s municipalities through Saturday morning. The National Guard will also be assisting municipalities.

Emergency officials are continuing to watch the current lake effect snow band, but report no serious problems so far.

All of the county’s press releases issued for this emergency, including safety tips, are available on the county website, www.oswegocounty.com.

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