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Feb. 18, 2007


Oswego County Legislature Chairman Russ Johnson extended the state of emergency in Oswego County this morning for a few more days while state resources continue to assist the county.

“Conditions are much improved throughout the county, but hazardous conditions still exist,” the legislature chairman said. “We remind people to use caution while driving, especially when entering intersections where the high snow banks reduce visibility.”

The state of emergency places no restrictions on travel or the opening of schools or businesses.

Governor Eliot Spitzer’s declaration of a state disaster for Oswego County on Feb. 8, the same day as the County’s state of emergency went into effect, enabled the assistance of several state resources and the National Guard.

State Department of Transportation snow blowers are assisting municipalities in clearing snow from local roads and maintaining the infrastructure. County Highway crews continue to assist local governments as well.

State Department of Corrections crews from Butler and Midstate correctional facilities returned today to assist local fire companies in clearing hydrants. County Fire Coordinator John Hinds reminded people that even with the assistance, fire fighters appreciate the efforts of people clearing hydrants near their homes.

The Army National Guard completed its mission of life safety in the county yesterday and is demobilizing today.

County emergency officials continue to stress safety messages issued by the fire coordinator and County Director of Health Kathleen Smith. “Please use common sense in whatever you’re doing, and take the proper precautions to avoid injuries,” County Emergency Management Director Patricia Egan said. “We’ve been extremely fortunate since the lake effect snow storm began on Feb. 3 that there have been no deaths. We want to make sure that continues.”

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