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Feb. 9, 2007


Many schools are closed today, and emergency officials have expressed concern about the safety of children playing in the snow.

"Children playing in the snow should stay away from roadways," Legislature Chairman Johnson said. "And motorists should be very careful while driving through residential areas - children playing in snow banks on the side of the road may not be visible."

"Kids love to dig caves in snow, especially along the big banks at the side of the road," Deputy Fire Coordinator Jack Cottet said. "If the cave collapses, or a snow plow causes a cave to collapse, the child can become trapped in the snow. It's a real hazard."

Other hazards for children are icicles falling close to buildings, and thin ice over bodies of water.

"Children like to venture out onto frozen ponds, lakes, and creeks. You can never be sure, even if the ice seems very thick, that you won't suddenly fall through a thin layer," Cottet said. "There areas of running water underneath the ice, particularly where a creek runs into a pond or lake, where the ice can be very thin and a child can fall through easily."

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