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Feb. 13, 2007


FULTON -- Oswego County officials continued on Tuesday to coordinate storm response activities at the county Emergency Management Office in Fulton. County Legislature Chairman Russ Johnson this morning extended Oswego County’s declaration of emergency for five days, citing the continued need for state agency resources, and the severe snowfall that is forecast for the next 24 to 36 hours in Oswego County.

Legislature Chairman Johnson said there are currently no restrictions on travel in Oswego County, but that people should be aware that hazardous conditions may still exist.

“Representatives from several county and state agencies are working around the clock at the Emergency Management Office,” said Emergency Management Director Patricia Egan. “The county Highway Department continues to work closely with the state Department of Transportation and local highway departments to make sure that roads remain open and that all available resources are directed to where they’re needed most. We are coordinating activities with the state police, sheriff’s office, fire services and other emergency response agencies.”

In other developments announced today, Egan said the National Guard is in the process of activating its engineering equipment and operators from Binghamton. They will help out where needed with snow removal, in coordination with the county highway department and state Department of Transportation. The crews will assist in cutting back snow banks and clearing intersections, and clearing parking lots at public facilities such as fire departments, schools and municipal buildings.

The state Department of Transportation continues to remove snow along streets and roadsides in several areas of the county. Several crews from state Department of Corrections continued to shovel out fire hydrants Tuesday. They include six crews from Butler Correctional Facility and two from Midstate. They are working with officials from local communities to shovel out hydrants in Scriba, Volney, West Monroe, Granby, Mexico, Central Square, Caughdenoy and the town of Oswego. They will also be working in Phoenix, Cleveland, Minetto and Palermo.

Legislature Chairman Johnson reminds people to use common sense and caution when driving, approaching intersections, and in snow removal activities such as snowblowing and roof shoveling. “We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work to bring our county back to normal,” he said.

For people who have Internet access, up-to-date road conditions are posted on the state DOT Web site at www3.travelinfony.com/.

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