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May 23, 2008

Youth Works Students Bring Spring to Pulaski Library Children's Group

PULASKI - What do clothespins, sandwich bags and tissue paper have to do with spring? Kaylee Cauchy, Kimberlie Hardter and the children at Pulaski Public Library can tell you! They used all of these items to create beautiful butterflies at Wednesday's children's craft hour.

The two friends, Cauchy and Hardter, are part of Oswego County Workforce New York's Youth Works program. They both attend APW High School and are currently doing a work experience through the county by helping with children's activities at Pulaski Public Library. The program allows Cauchy and Hardter to work 13 weeks in the library, learning necessary job skills and giving them a “real life” work experience.

Once a month, they choose a theme and use library books to find crafts that express it. With this month's theme being spring, Cauchy and Hardter decided to pick clothespin butterflies, paper birds, and face painting. The children loved coloring and designing their own crafts, but their favorite by far was face painting. Rosy cheeks with rainbows, hearts, clouds and flowers filled the room, as they sat at tables completing a word search titled, “I Saw a Little Bug”.

Moms stood nearby watching their children laugh and color. Sarah Stewart's mom said, “I like the social interaction she gets from being in groups.” She also mentioned that it gives her daughter another option to watching TV. When the kids were asked what they enjoyed, Elaine Dobson said, “I like making the butterflies!” and Alice Weigel added, “yea, with the googly eyes!” But the fun didn't end there; the evening was finished off with cupcakes in the shape of popsicles, complete with popsicle sticks.

“I like seeing the kids having fun.” said Cauchy, as she glued eyes onto their butterflies. “I enjoy picking the crafts because then I get to make them too!” responded Hardter.

In the past, the girls have helped the kids make necklaces and create leprechauns out of paper, Styrofoam balls, and fruit cups. Margaret Weigel, the library's director, oversees Cauchy and Hardter during their work experience. She is passionate about bringing children together with their love of reading and crafts. Weigel advertises the craft hour by posting flyers in the classrooms of local elementary schools.

Craft hour not only gives the children time to show off their art skills, but gives them a positive social experience and helps create an interest in the library and reading! Oswego County is proud of the work Cauchy and Hardter are contributing to the Pulaski Library through the work experience program.

For more information about the Oswego County Youth Works program for ages 16-20, contact Janet Lanious at 591-9063.

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