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July 22, 2008

Pulaski Alum Brings Theatre Home at July 25 Performance

PULASKI - Enjoy a rare opportunity in community dinner theatre at the Half-Shire Historical Society on county Route 48 in Richland. On Friday, July 25, a spaghetti dinner will be served at 5:30 p.m. and include an original performance by local performers.

Pulaski alumna Erin Bacon and fellow student Christian Klarner, both students of Loyola College of Maryland, lead a local cast in the performance of “Stratocles or War”.

The central plot features the title character Stratocles; a young man who leaves school to join the army amid the protests of his teacher. On his journey, Stratocles meets two soldiers who have deserted the war. Trying to convince the youth to return to his studies, the soldiers recount their experiences in the army.

Originally scribed in Latin by the Jesuit scholar Jacobus Pontanus in the late 16th century, the play is presented here in English for the first time.

Earlier this year, a group of Loyola College students won first prize in the Humanities Division of the Undergraduate Research Colloquium with their translation of this 400-year-old story. “Stratocles or War” will appear later in 2008 in Loyola’s Aperio series published by Apprentice House.

Pontanus is noted for developing the Ratio Studiorum, or the Official Plan of Jesuit Education, that continues to be the cornerstone of university instruction in Jesuit schools.

Admission for this one-time-only performance is $6 and includes dinner and dessert. Seating is limited; please call Half-Shire Historical Society President Shawn Doyle at 315/298-3620 to reserve your space.

For more information about the Half-Shire Historical Society, visit www.halfshire.com. For upcoming events in Oswego County, call the Oswego County Promotion and Tourism Office at 1-800-248-4FUN (4386) or visit www.visitoswegocounty.com.

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