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July 28, 2008

Women Are Hooked on Competitive Fishing

Pictured from left are the women from the first place team, The Alures: Debbie Wasicki, Beverly Clickner, Michele Wasicki and Angela Brusso.

Pictured from left are the women from the second place team, The Svedka Sisters: Diane Sena, Maria Farnsworth, Charlene Wheeler and Christine Cobb.

Pictured from left are the women from the third place team, Reel Women: Mary Huber, Diane Cuzzi, Lucy Dubray and Susie Carpenter.

Pictured from left are the women from the fourth place team, The Underdogs: Christine Dwy and Paula Yerusavage.

OSWEGO - K & G Charters and Lodge recently hosted their eighth Annual All Women's Fishing Tournament.

“We started this tournament eight years ago to encourage women to fish,” said Kris Gehrig of K & G Charters and Lodge. “Through our promotions at trade shows and through our clientele, we now typically host four to five teams, with four ladies on each team.”

The first place team, The Alures, included: Debbie Wasicki, Beverly Clickner, Michele Wasicki and Angela Brusso. Representing the second place team, The Svedka Sisters were: Diane Sena, Maria Farnsworth, Charlene Wheeler and Christine Cobb. The third place team, Reel Women, included Mary Huber, Diane Cuzzi, Lucy Dubray and Susie Carpenter. The fourth place team, The Underdogs, was represented by Christine Dwy and Paula Yerusavage.

“The women's tournament usually runs pretty smoothly,” Gehrig continued. “The girls go out on the charters with experienced captains and learn valuable fishing tips; but they also have a lot of fun with a little healthy competition.”

The Alures won the tournament with a total of 16 fish and 223.90 points. The Svedka Sisters came in second with 12 fish and 162.89 points, while the Reel Women came in third with 9 fish and 125.67 points. The Underdogs rounded out the competition in fourth place with 4 fish and 70.19 points.

The scoring for the tournament is 10 points for each fish and one point for each pound. The winning team is determined from the two-day accumulation of points.

Most of the fish caught in the tournament were browns, but the ladies also brought in lake trout and steelhead. Paula Yerusavage with The Underdogs team had the biggest catch of the week-end with a 16-pound King Salmon.

“It didn't matter what place we took, as long as we entered and had fun,” said Maria Farnsworth, Team Leader of the Svedka Sisters. “With wonderful accommodations and hosts, this whole experience has been top-notch. This is our first year in the tournament and we hope to have many more.”

Farnsworth first heard about the tournament as a visitor of K & G Lodge. For the last six or seven years, she and her husband have traveled from Saratoga Springs, NY to fish with Top Gun Charters. This is the first year that she has been able to gather her friends together and join the women's fishing tournament.

“We are really fortunate to have great relationships with our local charter captains,” said Gehrig. “Captains Ronald Hill, Sr. and Ronald Hill, Jr. with The Other Woman Fishing Charters have been with us from the beginning of the tournament. We have worked with Captains Bob and Tom Pultorak with T-K Charters for about six or seven years. Joining us for the first time this year was Captain Bill VanWormer of The Lucky Dutchman Charters and Feeder Creek Lodge. And, of course, we have our own charter boat, Top Gun, captained by Greg Gehrig.”

Gehrig added, “We greatly appreciate the generous donations from KTM Mini Mart, Cakes Galore and More, Dunkin' Donuts East and all of the volunteers who made this another successful event.”

At the close of the tournament, the ladies' gathered with their captains for an awards ceremony in the Wright's Landing Pavilion. They celebrated their enjoyment of the week-end along with their success in the competition.

“The women's fishing tournament is a great opportunity for women to go out fishing in the morning and use their free time in the afternoon to explore Oswego County,” said David Turner, director of the Oswego County Department of Community Development, Tourism and Planning. “The Gehrigs and staff of K & G Lodge provide the women with information about local shopping, museums and attractions and nature parks and trails.”

This 'girls-only' event usually takes place in late June. Scheduled over the course of two days, it includes two six-hour charter trips, two nights' accommodations and meals.

For more details about the women's fishing tournament or K & G Charters and Lodge, visit www.kglodge.com. For up-to-date fishing conditions throughout the year, call 1-800-248-4FUN (4386) or visit www.visitoswegocounty.com.

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