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December 12, 2008

New Recycling Procedures Will Begin in January in Oswego County

OSWEGO COUNTY -- Beginning Jan. 1, Oswego County residents will no longer need to sort their recyclables into separate bags or containers.

Instead, recyclables should be collected in a container with a closed lid. If recyclables are taken to a county transfer station in a plastic bag, then the bag must be emptied at the recycling drop-off area.

According to Frank Visser, Director of Solid Waste Programs, the changes are the result of a new contract with WM Recycle America to process recyclable materials. "WM Recycle America does not accept recyclables in plastic bags," said Visser. "The new contract allows residents and businesses to mix all paper, plastic, glass and metal recyclables in one container."

The County Legislature amended the local solid waste law in October to require that all recyclable materials, collected from residents, be taken to the Oswego County facilities. Residents who use a waste hauler should contact their hauler for specific instructions on how to prepare recyclables.

"Recycling has always been an integral part of Oswego County's solid waste management program," said County Legislator Fred Beardsley, District 9, chairman of the Legislature's Infrastructure and Facilities Committee. "Our goal is to increase the amount of items that are being recycled, and to reduce the amount of recyclables in the solid waste stream. This will have long-term benefits for property taxpayers as well as the environment."

In addition to Legislator Beardsley, the Legislature's Infrastructure and Facilities Committee includes vice chairman Clayton Brewer, District 24, Fulton; Barbara Brown, District 8, Palermo; Shawn Doyle, District 3, Pulaski; Linda Lockwood, District 11, Volney; Milferd Potter, District 2, Orwell; and Phillip Vasho, District 22, Fulton.

The solid waste department is notifying people of the changes through a postcard that will be mailed to Oswego County households during the week of Dec. 15.

Visser said that, beginning Jan. 1, all of the following items should be mixed together in a container: brown paper bags, corrugated cardboard, drink boxes, dry food boxes, empty aerosol cans, gift wrap, cards, glass bottles, juice cartons, junk mail, magazines and catalogs, milk cartons, newspapers and inserts, office paper, pizza boxes, and plastic containers types 1 through 7.

Several other items can be recycled at the transfer stations if they are separated. Residents should follow the posted instructions for dry cell batteries, electronics, motor oil, scrap metal including pots and pans, metal appliances, lawn mowers, bicycles, and aluminum siding, used clothing, yard waste and compost.

The following items should be placed in the trash because they are not recyclable: books, canning jars, drinking glasses, egg cartons, empty paint cans, empty petroleum product containers such as oil and antifreeze containers, plant pots, plastic buckets, plastic household items, plastic grocery bags, 1- to 3-lb. propane tanks, Styrofoam, toys, vinyl siding, and window glass.

Oswego County transfer stations and recycling drop-off centers are located at Bristol Hill, 3125 NYS Route 3, Volney; 1167 County Route 7, Hannibal; 1391 U.S. Route 11, Hastings; 700 E. Seneca St., Oswego; and 100 County Route 2A, Pulaski.

The transfer stations and recycling drop-off centers are open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to noon. Sticker and punch card sales and weigh scales close -hour before the transfer stations close.

For more information, call the Department of Solid Waste at 591-9200, or visit http://www.oswegocounty.com/dsw.shtml

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