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January 27, 2009

Surveys Show 'Overwhelming' Support for Broadband Internet in County

OSWEGO - The survey responses of nearly 1,400 Oswego County residents indicate there is overwhelming support for a high-speed Internet, or broadband service in Oswego County.

Legislature Chairman Barry Leemann, District 4, Amboy, said this information will help the county as it works with providers in their efforts to obtain funding to bring broadband services to all residents and businesses.

“Our hope is that the need and interest demonstrated through this survey process will help to leverage grants or other funding sources, so that the infrastructure can be developed at no cost to the local taxpayers,” stated Legislature Chairman Leemann.

The short survey was developed to determine how much interest there was among residents and businesses in having a high-speed Internet provider in the county.

“Many of our residents and businesses subscribe to a satellite, dial-up or cable service for their Internet access,” said Legislature Chairman Leemann. “This project shows the need, and public support, for on pursuing funding to bring a high-speed Internet service to Oswego County.”

Survey forms were distributed to polling places and schools around the county in November. With the assistance of town and village clerks, poll workers, and the staff of Oswego County BOCES, the surveys were collected and compiled by the County Department of Community Development, Tourism and Planning.

“The county is working with New Visions PLC, Inc. of Syracuse on exploring the county's options and possible funding sources,” said David R. Turner, director. “We reviewed the surveys and the comments associated with them and found that overwhelmingly, there is support for having service where none exists, enhanced service where there is now only very limited access, and increased choices for those areas that are currently served but with little or no competition.”

“The survey confirms the need for high-speed broadband services in rural towns and cities across Oswego County,” said Carmen Branca Jr., president of New Visions PLC. “High-speed broadband service is one of the most significant technological developments of the 20th century. In the 21st century, access to affordable high-speed internet service is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for economic competitiveness, homeland security, health care access, educational and social opportunity. New Visions is exploring how we can deliver this wonderful technology to all residents of Oswego County. We look forward to working with County officials on this important endeavor.”

Legislature Chairman Leemann thanked the many residents who returned the surveys, and the community officials who helped distribute and collect them.

“The people of Oswego County will be the ultimate beneficiaries of this project,” he said. “I appreciate the time and effort that each person took to provide information and assistance.”

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