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March 27, 2009

North Shore Donates Knitted Helmet Liners to Troops

The North Shore Critters donates helmet liners to Oswego County for the Adopt-A-Platoon program. Oswego County Legislature Chairman Barry Leemann accepts the donation from volunteers Paula Winn and Fern Mills.

OSWEGO COUNTY - The North Shore Critters recently presented over two dozen helmet liners to the county's Adopt-A-Platoon program.

“It is kindness such as this that makes Oswego County such a great place to live,” said Oswego County Legislature Chairman Barry Leemann. “Our residents are caring people; always willing to volunteer their valuable time and money to help others and make their lives more comfortable.”

The North Shore Critters is an all-volunteer group of crocheters and knitters. In 2006, they began making helmet liners - also known as “wool pulleys” - for our troops.

“We use the pattern and materials suggested by military personnel,” said Paula Winn, a volunteer with the North Shore Critters. “Acceptable colors include certain shades of green, grey, brown and black.”

Winn continued, “The 100 percent wool that we have to use costs about $4 per skein, if we can find it on sale, and we can get about three helmet liners out of two skeins.”

At first, they made the pieces with their own money; however, they have since accepted donations from American Legion and V.F.W. Posts, as well as individuals, to help cover the cost of materials.

To date, the North Shore Critters have sent over 600 helmet liners to military personnel stationed overseas.

Winn added, “The need for liners is still there and we will continue knitting all summer so we can have more to send.”

The group's commitment has not gone unnoticed. Their enthusiasm and hard work was recently acknowledged by the county.

“I applaud the generosity and patriotism of the North Shore Critters,” said Chairman Leemann. “On behalf of the citizens of Oswego County, I thank them for their dedication as well as their contributions.”

If you would like to make a donation for materials, submit a soldier's name to receive a helmet liner, or volunteer your time as a crocheter or knitter, please call Paula Winn at 315/668-3690 or send an email to Fern Mills by .

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