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March 30, 2009

Law Enforcers - "Just Say No" to Weaker Drug Laws

Law enforcers from Northern and Central New York today called on State Senator Darrel Aubertine to “Just say No” to Albany’s latest plan to weaken New York’s laws against illegal drugs.

Oswego County Sheriff Reuel “Moe” Todd and St. Lawrence County Sheriff Kevin Wells said illegal drugs are an increasing problem throughout Central and Northern New York and that weakening state laws would send a dangerous message to drug dealers, users, and young people. “The problem of illegal drugs that poison our communities and threaten our children has not gone away and changing the law to reduce the punishment for major drug dealers will make it worse. Especially during an economic recession, when more of our young people and citizens are vulnerable to the lure of drugs and easy drug money, we shouldn’t be taking steps that make it easier and more attractive to deal and use drugs,” said Sheriff Todd.

“The Canadian border remains a key entry point for illegal drugs into our communities and into our schools,” said Sheriff Wells, “but this proposal reduces penalties for major drug traffickers. That’s the wrong message and the wrong approach for dealing with the problem of drugs in communities like ours.”

The law enforcers urged Senator Aubertine to oppose the measure, which is being buried within the state budget. State leaders announced today that, as part of the state budget, they want to reduce prison terms for hardcore, repeat drug dealers, release thousands of dealers already in prison, and make drug dealers who rob and steal, eligible for drug treatment rather than send them to prison.

“Burying this plan deep within the budget bill with its drastic implications for public safety gives the public no opportunity for study or comment on it before it becomes law. That’s just bad public policy and bad government,” said Sheriff Todd. “Senator Aubertine should stand up to the Albany politicians and tell them that public safety and good government must come first.”

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