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October 29, 2009

Oswego County Clerk Opposes Albany Plan for New License Plates

Drivers Can Sign On-Line Petition -

OSWEGO - Oswego County Clerk George Williams is urging drivers to join him in opposing “Albany's latest boondoggle” - a plan to replace every license plate in the state. Williams said the plan would cost Oswego County residents $2.5 million next year.

He announced an online petition that allows motorists to express their feelings about the plan, which was included along with increased DMV fees in the state budget last spring. The petition is available at www.NoNewPlates.org.

“Oswego County families have had it with Albany's new taxes on fees, on everything including auto registrations and insurance, canceling our STAR rebate checks, and more expensive hunting licenses,” said Williams. “But the requirements for new license plates may top them all, adding an unnecessary expense on families who are already struggling to make ends meet.”

Williams said that beginning April 1, the state DMV will issue new license plates for each of the more than 10 million vehicles on the road - including 100,000 cars, trucks, trailers, and ATVs in Oswego County. The new plates will cost $25 each.

“Families that have been forced to cut back to pay higher electric and phone taxes, higher property taxes, and over a hundred other new taxes, will have no choice but to pay for new license plates, even though there's nothing wrong with those we use now,” said Williams. “The requirement is inconvenient, unnecessary, and just plain wrong.”

The New York State Association of County Clerks has passed a resolution opposing the new license plates.

“County clerks from upstate, downstate, urban and rural areas unanimously agree that the plate requirement is a bad idea,” said Williams. “With the help of everyday motorists who sign this petition, we can send a message to Albany to repeal this mandate.” Williams encourages Oswego County motorists to contact State Senator Darrel Aubertine who voted for the measure at 315-782-3418.

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