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November 20, 2009

Pulaski Opens Renovated Transfer Station

Legislator Barbara Brown, District 8 demonstrates the convenience of the new customer service area. Pictured with Brown are Paul Scott (l) and Mark Powell (r).

PULASKI - The Oswego County Department of Solid Waste opened the doors of its newly renovated transfer station on county Route 2A in Pulaski on Monday, November 9.

Renovations to the building include an addition with an updated office and control room, employee restroom and handicap-accessible service area for customers. The guardrails around the compactor have been upgraded and the top two inches of the tipping floor were removed and replaced with new concrete. The entire building was cleaned and painted; which included sandblasting the structural steel.

“The most important thing about the repairs to the transfer station is the improved safety and convenience for our residents and employees,” said Legislator Fred Beardsley, District 9, chairman of the Oswego County Legislature's Infrastructure and Facilities Committee. “Previous hazards, such as holes in the tipping floor, have been eliminated and the higher guardrails are much safer.”

Beardsley continued, “The new addition is better able to accommodate customers purchasing residential stickers or punch cards for trash disposal. They won't have to wait outside in bad weather or while others are trying to use the facility.”

When the main building was closed for renovations, residents used the recyclable compactor for trash disposal during business hours. The recyclables were collected throughout the day and compacted after hours for delivery to a processing facility the following morning.

“The workers deserve a lot of credit for making the transition so successful,” said Frank Visser, director of the Oswego County Department of Solid Waste. “They worked hard to keep operations flowing and residents were able to get in and out quickly without waiting in long lines. During the entire construction process, we didn't receive one complaint.”

The project began in June 2009 and was completed by the French Construction Company.

Last year, similar work took place at the Hastings Transfer Station on U.S. Route 11. James & Son, Inc. contracted that job. At this time, there are no projects planned for the remaining facilities.

There are five transfer stations located throughout the county.

  • Bristol Hill Transfer Station: 3125 state Route 3, Fulton
  • Hannibal Transfer Station: 1167 county Route 7, Hannibal
  • Hastings Transfer Station: 1391 U.S. Route 11, Hastings
  • Pulaski Transfer Station: 100 county Route 2A, Pulaski
  • Oswego Transfer Station: 700 East Seneca Street, Oswego

All county transfer stations are open from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturday. Weigh scales and sticker and punch card sales close 30 minutes earlier.

The Oswego County Department of Solid Waste has developed an integrated solid waste management system to recycle items for the manufacture of new products and minimize the amount of waste entering our environment.

The Oswego County Legislature's Infrastructure and Facilities Committee oversees the Department of Solid Waste. In addition to Legislator Beardsley, the committee includes Vice-Chairman Clayton Brewer, District 24; and legislators Barbara Brown, District 8; Linda Lockwood, District 11; James Oldenburg, District 14; Milferd Potter, District 2; and Phillip Vasho, District 22.

For more information about services or facilities, call the Oswego County Department of Solid Waste at 591-9200 or visit their Web site at: www.oswegocounty.com/dsw.shtml.

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