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March 29, 2010

Leg. Chairman Leemann Announces Launch of "Green" Web Site

Renewoswegocounty.org is the newest initiative of Oswego County's "Green Team" -

Oswego County Legislature Chairman Barry Leemann today announced the launch of a new Web site that will help Oswego County residents save money on their energy bills and give them information about energy conservation projects.

"Oswego County is committed to being a "green" county, and our county Green Team continues to make significant advances toward energy savings, recycling, and conservation of our resources," said Legislature Chairman Leemann, District 4, West Amboy. "The launch of the new Web site, www.renewoswegocounty.org, is another example of the County's continued commitment to our sustainability efforts. It will serve as a valuable resource for our residents as they look for ways to conserve energy and save money on their utility bills."

Legislator Leemann said the Web site is developed through a partnership with Blue Springs Energy, LLC, a Rochester-area company that helps communities access clean and renewable energy grants, incentives and credits.

"Last year the Green Team conducted energy audits on seven county government facilities, including lighting, heating and ventilating systems, energy management systems, and options for wind and solar power generation at various sites," said Legislator Leemann. "This positioned us to then apply for financial assistance to begin to move some energy conservation projects forward."

As a result, the county has received nearly $711,000 in state, federal and private sector grants to help pay for energy conservation and lighting system upgrades in six county facilities. When completed, these projects will help avoid the emission of almost 280 tons of greenhouse gases each year and reduce the County's annual energy costs by nearly $90,000.

The renewoswegocounty.org Web site highlights countywide energy efficient initiatives including the energy conservation projects in county buildings, the ferrous metals recovery program at the Oswego County Energy Recovery Facility, the household hazardous waste facility which opened last year, and the county recycling program.

"Blue Springs Energy is proud to partner with Oswego County in helping its residents, businesses and not-for-profit organizations save money on their energy bills and help the environment," said Larry Simpson, President of Blue Spring Energy LLC. "The new Web site provides useful information on federal tax credits, New York State programs, utility incentives, private sector resources, and county government's Green Team efforts."

"This represents another important step on Oswego County's path to sustainability," said Legislature Chairman Leemann. "Our residents have shown their commitment to a green environment through their participation in the single-stream recycling program. Since we adopted single-stream recycling in early 2009, we've seen a 65 percent increase in the amount of materials being recycled. This translates to a savings in landfill space, reduces the amount of materials taken to ERF, and generates more revenue through the sale of recyclables to offset county property tax dollars."

For additional information, visit www.renewoswegocounty.org.

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