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April 2, 2010

911ai is now available in Oswego County -

New System Allows Oswego County Residents to Provide Detailed Info to E911

OSWEGO - Oswego County residents now have the ability to provide more detailed information about health concerns, disabilities, and even their pets to emergency responders at the County E911 Center. The new system, called 911ai.com, allows residents to register and maintain detailed information for their landline and cell phone numbers.

The "additional information" that 911ai.com provides is merged with information in the E911 call center's data base. The program also instantly notifies a selected family member when one of their registered phones calls 911.

"911ai was designed to help emergency responders make a better informed approach to an emergency situation. Faster responses with better information have been proven to save lives," said Legislator Linda Lockwood, District 11, Volney, chairwoman of the Legislature's Public Safety and Emergency Services Committee. "The service is being provided free of charge to all county residents and small businesses. People can provide details such as a family member's diabetes or heart condition, the location of a disabled person's bedroom, and even how many dogs and cats the family owns, to help emergency responders be better prepared when they receive a call for help."

Individuals can register up to five phones in their household, including land line and cell phone numbers. They can provide up to four lines of information for each phone. Individuals are responsible for keeping their information current.

The County Legislature's Public Safety and Emergency Services Committee oversees the E911 program and recommended to the Legislature last year that 911ai be made available to Oswego County residents. In addition to Legislator Lockwood, committee members include Kevin Gardner, vice chairman, District 13, New Haven; Mary Flett, District 17, Oswego; Margaret Kastler, District 1, Lacona; John Martino, District 6, Central Square; Morris Sorbello, District 23, Granby; and Amy Tresidder, District 16, Oswego.

Michael Allen, E911 Program Director, said the system can also be used in schools, health care facilities, and large businesses or industries that have centralized phone systems. When calls are made from a centralized phone system, in most cases the exact location of the telephone line extension cannot be determined by emergency personnel. All phones in the county's centralized phone system will be integrated in the 911ai system. When completed, when a call is placed to 911, the call taker will be able to determine where the call originates from, the department, and location of the office.

"For businesses that maintain centralized phone systems, 911ai will allow the call taker to pinpoint the phone set in large departments or large buildings," said Allen. "It will be a valuable tool that provides the 911 call taker the exact location of the phone that is making the call, even when buildings are more than one floor, spread out in a campus environment, or split between different locations. Additional information can be easily kept up-to-date, including the type of room, hazardous materials information, contact numbers, and other details that may be vital in an emergency."

Registration is completed through the www.911ai.com Web site. Those who do not have Internet access are encouraged to use a computer at a public library or have a friend or family member assist them with the registration process.

Allen said many states now require employers in large buildings to have more detailed E911 systems after an employee was killed in an office fire in Chicago several years ago. Rescuers could not determine the woman's location in the building and were unable to reach her. Although New York State does not have this requirement, Allen said, the application can help schools and industries improve their emergency response procedures.

Kris Allen (no relation to Michael Allen) is president of 911ai.com. Jefferson County, NY has also signed on to the 911ai system, which is based in Watertown.

"911ai.com roams with cellular phones," said Kris Allen. "Cell phones will provide information to any 911 center that is using the 911ai.com system. Supplying the cell phone user's name, age, home address, specific details about allergies, medications, limitations or emergency contact information creates peace of mind by providing the call center with critical information and can help emergency responders in the case of an emergency."

For instructions for registering and additional information, visit www.911ai.com.

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