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May 4, 2011

Oneida Lake Closed

Oneida Lake - High water and the potential for flooding on the Oneida Lake have prompted Oswego County Sheriff Reuel Todd to issue an order closing Oneida Lake to all boating traffic except emergency response vehicles until further notice.

Sheriff Todd and Oswego County Emergency Management Office Director Patricia Egan are urging people near the Oneida Lake shoreline to be extremely cautious. "Water levels have continued to rise and pose a potential risk of flooding along the north and south shores of Oneida Lake," Sheriff Todd said.

In order to ensure boater safety and to minimize property damage along the shore, the sheriff has issued an order prohibiting all boating on Oneida Lake.

"We urge fishermen to use extreme caution and to be aware of quickly changing water levels," Sheriff Todd said. "Water may rise rapidly as rain continues to fall and the surrounding area drains into the lake."

Egan also advised that a condition C advisory level continues for the Oswego River. "People in and around the river should continue to use caution and be aware of your surroundings."

Sheriff Todd and Egan noted they remain in communication with Onondaga County Sheriff's Department and Emergency Management Office officials. Officials will continue to monitor water levels and lake conditions throughout the next few days.

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