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Nov. 1, 2011

Oswego County Clerk Warns of DMV Hoax

OSWEGO -- Oswego County Clerk George J. Williams is warning residents to be aware of an email hoax that appears to be a notice from the state Department of Motor Vehicles. Williams said the hoax was prevalent in other areas of the state a few months ago and apparently has made its way to Oswego County. Williams said at least two Oswego County residents have recently received email messages labeled "Uniform Traffic Ticket." The message states the person owes money, usually for a speeding infraction. The email directs the consumer to open a link that may contain a virus.

"The state Department of Motor Vehicles never sends out a dunning letter for a traffic ticket," said Williams. "That notice would originate from the police agency that issued the ticket."

He advises residents to delete any emails with the subject "Uniform Traffic Ticket" that appear to be from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

People with questions may call the DMV offices at 315-349-8300, 315-591-9136, or 315-298-6521.

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