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Nov. 28, 2011

Central Square Library Hosts Reception for Trustee Hugh White

Hugh White, vice president of the Central Square Library's Board of Trustees, recently received the "Trustee of the Year" award from presenter North Country Library System Consultant Amy Zuch.

CENTRAL SQUARE - Volunteers and members of the Central Square Library would like to congratulate Hugh White on winning the North Country Library System (NCLS) "Trustee of the Year" award during the NCLS annual meeting on October 1. The public is invited to attend a reception for him on Monday, December 5 from 4 to 7 p.m. at the Central Square Library, 637 South Main Street, Central Square.

"Hugh has a long history of commitment to his library and community," said Terry DiGregorio, director of the Central Square Library. "He has served as a trustee in the 1980s and has held the positions of secretary, president and his current office of vice president. Hugh has been the driving force behind building renovations, policy development and change, and long-range planning."

DiGregorio continued, "Hugh has written and overseen nearly every construction project at our library. He has been responsible for grants to pay for this much-needed work which includes a new roof, parking lot repair and repaving, bathroom renovations and a new community room."

The Library Board has voted to name the new community room in White's honor due to his vision in its creation, the many hours he spent designing the space and his hard work and dedication in constructing much of the project himself.

"White's service as a handyman is legendary," added DiGregorio. "If a light needs replacing, wiring needs to be done to install computers, the basement if flooded, or a window is broken, we can call on him. In most cases, we find that he has already taken care of the repair."

Library staff held their breath last fall when, at the age of 84, White climbed up on the roof to clear off leaves and branches. DiGregorio said, "His maintenance bills are a part of the monthly board meeting agenda, but he has absolutely refused reimbursement for his services."

White, a strong advocate at local and state levels, has also been responsible for grants to fund artistic and musical programs in addition to his unparalleled service to the library's building.

For more information about White's reception or the Central Square Library, call 315-668-6104.

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