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March 5, 2012

Oswego County Proclaims March as Developmental Disabilities Month

Oswego County Legislature Chairman Fred C. Beardsley recently presented a proclamation designating March as Developmental Disabilities Month. More than seven million Americans are affected by developmental disabilities. It enriches our communities and enhances our diversity to celebrate their contributions and strengths along with the efforts of dedicated individuals, volunteers and providers who work tirelessly on their behalf. Pictured in the front row from left are Jennifer Tyre, Oswego YMCA; Meg Henderson, Oswego YMCA; Nicole Kolmsee, Oswego County Division of Mental Hygiene; Legislature Chairman Beardsley, District 9; Arthur "Artie" Vaughn, Oswego YMCA; Sabine Ingerson, ARISE; Dennis Pullen, ARISE; Jennifer Torrese, ARISE; Tyler Coon, Oswego YMCA. In the back row, from left are Maria Downey, Oswego County Division of Mental Hygiene; Christopher Coant, Oswego YMCA; Jessica Landers, Oswego YMCA; Sidney Delince, Oswego YMCA; Patrick Waite, Oswego County Opportunities, Inc.; and Adam Michalski, Oswego Industries and Oswego ARC.

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