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August 31, 2012

Minimum Flow Increase on Salmon River Delayed Due to Dry Conditions

(Altmar, NY) - Brookfield Renewable Energy Group has announced that the minimum flow increase on the Salmon River (South) scheduled for September 1st will be delayed until September 15th at the earliest due to lower than normal reservoir water levels and a lack of appreciable precipitation forecasted for this time of year. The decision to delay is based on input from members of the Flow Management Advisory Team regarding the adverse impact on salmon mortality if spawning flows cannot be sustained through the fall spawning period. The current minimum flow of 185 cubic feet per second (cfs) will be maintained through September 15th or until an increase in water levels can be reached and confidently sustained. Whether rain or shine, Brookfield strongly urges the public to be safe by observing all signage, sirens and barriers and to wear a personal flotation device when recreating on or near water.

Remember to Wear It New York! Always check water conditions before you recreate. One source is www.h2online.com.

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