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June 28, 2013


The Oswego County Fair Housing Council recently announced the winners of its 2013 coloring contest. Community Bank, Fulton Savings Bank, Pathfinder Bank and Lighthouse Lanes in Oswego each donated gift certificates as prizes. Pictured from left are Kenneth Parrotte, Fulton Savings Bank; Reyne Pierce, Pathfinder Bank; Steven Gaffney, Community Bank; Felicity Couch of Fulton, third place, ages 10-12; Rory Endsley of Richland, first place, ages 10-12; Danielle Sikora of Pulaski, third place, ages 4-6; Tallen Prior of Phoenix, second place, ages 4-6; Ashlee Minard of Phoenix, second place, ages 7-9; Alisa Collins of Oswego, third place, ages 7-9; Dona Lee Falciatano, Oswego County Fair Housing Officer; and Kathy Maino, Lighthouse Lanes.

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