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December 16, 2013

New Trail Offers Safe, Direct Route to Camp Hollis Challenge Course

OSWEGO - One of the biggest attractions for visitors to Camp Hollis and groups that rent the camp is the low-element challenge course. When Camp Hollis opened up for the 2013 season there was a new trail to make getting to the challenge course much safer and much more convenient.

"The low-element challenge course at Camp Hollis has 12 low-to-the-ground elements in which groups can work together to complete a task or initiative. The course allows groups to come together to develop communication, leadership and problem-solving skills in a beautiful wooded setting," said Brandon Morey, coordinator of Recreation and Youth Development for the Oswego County Youth Bureau. "Our challenge course is used by the summer campers every day during the summer and it is also rented by many groups to use during their stays."

Camp Hollis was fortunate enough to have Drazen Schrecengost, a member of Oswego Boy Scout Troop 888 and Eagle Scout candidate, provide the much -needed new trail.

Dubbed the "Eagle Trail," the new trail runs through a wooded area from behind the nature cabin to within 100 yards of the challenge course. Before the trail was developed, campers and visitors used one of two indirect routes to reach the challenge course, cutting into program time for team-building activities. "When I was deciding where to do my Eagle project, I immediately thought of Camp Hollis," said Drazen. "My brother and many other scouts in the troop had done their projects there in the past. It was a great experience knowing that my project would benefit the camp and its campers for years to come." Drazen was charged with designing, organizing and supervising the project which brought in local scouts and volunteers. The feedback on the trail has been overwhelmingly positive by campers, counselors and groups alike, said Morey.

"We have had youth and college sports teams, local organizations, youth groups, and adult professionals rent and use our course with great success," said Morey. "Whether it is a newly established group, an office that has worked together for years, or a group of youth trying to develop essential skills, the challenge course at Camp Hollis is definitely a lively and engaging way to come together and have some fun!"

Camp Hollis is owned by Oswego County and operated by the Oswego City-County Youth Bureau as a residential camp during the summer months for children ages 8 to 14 years old. The facility is available to rent starting the end of April through October for use by families, clubs, school groups and other organizations. Camp Hollis is located at 40 Health Camp Road, off Lakeshore Road in the town of Oswego. Those seeking more information may call the Youth Bureau at 315-349-3451 or 1-800-596-3200, ext.3451 or contact Brandon Morey at 315-349-3241 or by email at bmorey@oswegocounty.com.

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