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March 17, 2014

Next Party Set for March 28 -

Leighton School Hosts 'Get Connected Block Party'

RACING FANS - From left, Brodie, Henry and Reagan Wood enjoyed an evening of building Lego cars and racing them at the "Get Connected Block Party" sponsored by the Leighton Home and School Association and the Oswego City-County Youth Bureau.

OSWEGO - More than 70 parents, children and volunteers took part in a "Get Connected Block Party" hosted by the Leighton Home and School Association and the Oswego City-County Youth Bureau in late January.

Funded by a mini-grant from the Oswego City-County Youth Bureau, the home and school association purchased a large supply of Legos and invited families to come and build balloon cars with their children and grandchildren. Many children and parents built and re-built their cars again and again in order to make them go faster and further.

"The purpose of a family fun night at the school is to get parents into the school, maybe for the first time, and enjoy a fun event with their child or children," said Dawn Metott, Oswego City Youth Activities Coordinator. "Research has shown that when parents get involved in their child's school they tend to do better both academically and socially. The idea was to engage students and their parents to actively play together and to socialize with other families as well. It's all about building positive connections between the schools, families, and students through play and creativity."

The Leighton Home and School Association provided snacks and space for the event. The event was so successful they are planning another Lego night for Friday, March 28.

Other school groups that are interested in doing a Lego party may contact the Oswego City-County Youth Bureau weekdays at 349-3451.

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