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Aug. 11, 2014

Health Department Announces Evacuation Assistance Registry System

OSWEGO COUNTY- On Thursday, July 31, the Oswego County Health Department held a professional training on the use and promotion of the County's online registry for individuals with special needs. The Evacuation Assistance Registry system is accessible through the Oswego County Web site. Individuals as well as facilities are encouraged to register. The information submitted is kept strictly confidential and is only used to help emergency personnel locate, assist and evacuate those who may not be able to self-evacuate.

"This voluntary registry program helps emergency planners know who may need extra assistance in the event of an emergency," said Diane Oldenburg, Senior Public Health Educator for Oswego County. "We encourage anyone who has special needs to register, whether it be permanent or not. It helps emergency crews plan for a better response and helps them find out who is in the community that may need the extra assistance."

Registration is fast, easy and secure. The information can be filled out by the individual, family members, caregivers or by a facility. Participants will be asked to create an account with a login and password to access the registry. Those without access to the internet or email can contact the Health Department for assistance. Participants are then asked to select the appropriate boxes for their needs. Some of the survey categories include Evacuation Information, Required Assistance, Medical Equipment, Service Animals/Pets, and Additional Comments. Each registry is active for one year at which time it must then be updated. A renewal reminder will be sent via email one month before the registration expiration. If all information is the same, selecting the "Renew" button will make it active for another year.

The registry is very user-friendly and can be easily edited if changes occur throughout the year. Facilities who are registering will have a different survey allowing them to fill out how many people with special needs are present as well as other basic information.

The County strongly urges all individuals to always have an emergency plan in place that includes family and pets.

For more information on how to register your entire facility please call, 315-349-3547.For more information about the Evacuation Assistance Registry visit, www.oswegocounty.com and click Evacuation Assistance Registry under "Cool Links" on the right side bar.

The Oswego County Health Department recently held an informational training program announcing the release of a new, web-based survey tool that allows residents to register if they have some sort of access or functional need, or may have difficultly during an evacuation. More than 20 individuals representing organizations from special needs facilities, hospitals and emergency correspondent groups attended the training to better assist their patrons.

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