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May 2, 2016

Oswego County Saves Residents More than $8.5 Million with ProAct Prescription Discount Card

OSWEGO - In February 2008, Oswego County joined forces with ProAct to provide individuals with little or no prescription coverage access to affordable medications. Since the program was implemented, Oswego County residents have collectively saved more than $8.5 million on over 239,000 prescriptions.

Kayse Diamond, Discount Card Manager for ProAct Pharmacy Benefit Management, recently attended a meeting of the Oswego County Legislature's Health Committee and updated legislators on the program's features.

Committee chairman John Proud, District 7, Mexico, said that some residents may not be aware of the program's benefits and how the program has been affected by recent changes in the health insurance industry. Residents can use the Pro-Act card to purchase any prescription medications. Sometimes it may be less expensive to purchase medication through the Pro-Act card than through a person's prescription plan.

"By partnering with ProAct, Oswego County is one of many counties and municipalities across the country that have been able to offer their residents, regardless of age or income, the opportunity to save on their prescription medications," said Legislator Proud. "Anyone can use the card to save money on their prescription medications when their prescriptions aren't covered by insurance."

Membership cards are available for free at many pharmacies in the county, the county Department of Social Services, the Health Department, and the County Office Building in Oswego. Residents can log onto www.NYRxDiscountCard.com to print out a card or locate their nearest participating pharmacy. The website also allows people to compare pricing for their prescriptions at local pharmacies.

"Residents in Oswego County are saving an average of 55 percent on every prescription being filled with the discount card program," said Diamond. "Individuals who utilize the discount card can expect savings on name brand medications to range from 10 to 20 percent off the full cash price, and discounts on generic medications ranging from 20 to 70 percent off the retail price. To gain access to these discounts, simply present the pharmacist or pharmacy technician with the discount card along with their refill or new prescription."

The ProAct card can also be used to help pay for some pet medications and can provide discounts on eye exams, glasses, and hearing aids. Discount cards can be used at any participating pharmacy in the county.

"The ProAct Prescription Discount Card Program is a benefit we hope all our residents take advantage of," said Legislator Proud. "Residents are encouraged to always keep a discount card on-hand, in the off chance they ever have to pay the full cash price at the pharmacy counter."

In addition to Legislator Proud, other members of the County Legislature's Health Committee include James Karasek, committee vice chairman, District 22, Granby; Frank Castiglia, District 25, Fulton; Heather DelConte, District 18, Oswego; Margaret Kastler, District 1, Sandy Creek; Morris Sorbello, District 23, Granby; and Terry Wilbur, District 21, Hannibal.

"This Prescription Discount Card Program does not require applications or enrollment fees to participate. The program is completely free to taxpayers, the county and to participating residents. If a resident has lost their discount card or if they need an additional card, extras are available at any participating pharmacy in the county," said Diamond.

For more information visit www.NYRxDiscountCard.com or call toll-free 1-877-776-2285.

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