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June 13, 2016

Spey Casting Fanatics will converge on the Salmon River June 25

OSWEGO COUNTY, NY -Hundreds of spey casting fanatics will celebrate their unique sport with expert instructors and equipment manufacturers on the legendary Salmon River Saturday, June 25, at the ninth annual "Spey Nation" gathering.

Spey Nation gives anglers who cast with spey rods the opportunity to discuss techniques, buy equipment, learn from the experts, and share their enjoyment of spey casting, a fly fishing technique that originated in Scotland. Spey rods allow anglers to cast great distances using a double-handed rod and larger reels.

"Spey Nation is a spey clave that offers the unique opportunity for enthusiasts and manufacturers of two-handed rods to gather in a streamside setting, and it lives through our actions," said Geoff Schaake, president and publicist for Spey Nation. "We welcome the curious, the beginner, and the expert alike!"

"We definitely have a dedicated following," Schaake added. "We love steelhead rivers, and we want them to be the best they can be. People who belong to Spey Nation talk about concepts like streamside etiquette, conservation, returning Atlantic Salmon to historical watersheds, and angler rotation…and we share our knowledge with everyone who listens on this special day."

"The pristine waters of the Salmon River, and the river's remarkable steelhead fishery, make Oswego County an outstanding destination for spey cast anglers," said Dave Turner, director of the Oswego County Department of Community Development, Tourism and Planning.

Spey Nation begins at 9 a.m. Saturday, June 25, at the Salmon River boat launch on Sheepshead Road, Pineville. Manufacturers, instructors and vendors that specialize in fly fishing will display rods and reels and related equipment. Presenters include some of the nation's best-known anglers, including Nick Conklin of Temple Forks Outfitters, Dallas; Chris O'Donnell and Travis Johnson, who fish the West Coast streams of Oregon; Nick Pionessa, Cattaraugus Creek region, and Andrew Moy, Parsippany, NJ.

A free lunch will be served at noon, courtesy of the Tailwater Lodge.

" Tailwater Lodge is already sold out for the event. It is incredible the amount of interest that Spey Nation brings each year," said Tom Fernandez, Director of Business Development for the Woodbine Group.

Admission to the Spey Nation event is free. Several drawings will be held for a variety of donated equipment. Proceeds will benefit efforts to stock native Atlantic salmon in local streams through the Fish Creek Atlantic Salmon Club.

In addition to the Tailwater, Schaake said several businesses have stepped up over the years to support the event. They include Malinda's Fly and Tackle Shop and Lodge, All Seasons Sports, the Steelhead Lodge, Row Jimmy Guide Service, the Douglaston Salmon Run, Fox Hollow Lodge, Douglas Outdoors, Paul's Guide Service, Isle Fish Guide Service Angler's Lodge and Guide Service, River Time Guide Service, At the Trestle Pool Lodge, Mid-River Motel and Campground, and Walt's Guide Service.

For more information on Spey Nation weekend, visit www.speynation.com. For Oswego County visitor information and current fishing conditions, go to www.visitoswegocounty.com.

Anglers who attend Spey Nation Saturday, June 25 at the DEC boat launch in Pineville will see on-the-water demonstrations from some of the top spey casters in the nation. Pictured is a group at last year's event watching a demonstration on the Salmon River in Oswego County.

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