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December 16, 2016

2017 Budget Keeps Property Tax Rate Stable-

New Oswego County Budget Holds the Line on Property Taxes

OSWEGO - On Dec. 15 the Oswego County Legislature unanimously adopted a 2017 county budget with a zero percent tax increase. County Legislature Chairman Kevin Gardner (District 13, New Haven) praised the efforts of legislators on both sides of the aisle to come to consensus on the spending plan.

The 2017 adopted budget contains $199,612,919 in appropriations, with $42,565,838 raised through the property tax levy, which is $3.4 million less than in 2016. The generic county tax rate is $7.70 per $1,000 assessed property value, which is unchanged from 2016.

"The Legislature, department heads and administration worked hard to develop a spending plan that demonstrates the county's commitment to cost-containment, budget management, multi-year planning, and careful use of fund balance," said Legislature Chairman Gardner.

"I'm very happy with the budget process this year because we all worked well together," said Legislature Majority Leader Shane Broadwell (District 17, Oswego). "Having all 25 legislators vote unanimously shows we have a good budget. We not only maintained the tax rate, we also set aside money to invest in Oswego County's future, such as funding a county-wide comprehensive economic development plan. I also want to thank the department heads who dug deep in their budgets to help the Legislature reach its goals."

Legislative Minority Leader Daniel Farfaglia (District 24, Fulton) concurred. "I would like to commend the legislators on both sides of the aisle, the County Administrator and the department heads for their efforts in crafting a budget that doesn't raise taxes in 2017," said Legislator Farfaglia. "This is a win for the taxpayers and I look forward to similar bi-partisan collaborations in the future."

Legislature Chairman Gardner said legislators worked with department heads and the county administration to develop a responsible budget that stabilizes the property tax levy. The actual tax rate paid by property owners will vary depending on their municipality's assessed property value, equalization rates, and local costs for state-mandated workers' compensation and community college chargeback rates.

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